Physicians believe that a major pitfall of an electronic medical record (EMR) is the fear that they will lose patient data during the EMR transition.  They believe it is impossible to scan all patient charts into an EMR without error.  Many physicians are proud of their thorough documentation, which is evident by their 3 inch wide charts. 
Unfortunately this thought process does not help when the government is mandating that physicians adopt an electronic health record (EHR).  Many physicians have stated that they would rather quit practicing medicine than change their workflow and use an EHR.

The reason I am telling you this is because there are solutions to your scanning fears.  There are certain scanners that will enable you to transfer all of your paper charts into electronic charts safely.  There are some mobile scanners that are smaller that only require simple maintenance.  There are scanning companies that will do this for you as well, so you do not need to spend your time transferring all of the documents.
Remember – a computer is faster than a human.  You are able to retrieve charts and print out documents quicker than retrieve paper charts.  An EMR/EHR will enhance your workflow.  EMRs are not always bad.