As almost all should be aware of by now, Allscripts EMR, “MyWay” has opted to not develop an upgrade that will be compliant with government incentives.  Allscripts offers present users a free upgrade to their current certified EMR.

In addition, the company that developed “MyWay” and licensed it to Allscripts also has an offering for existing clients as they are offering an upgrade that will allow compliance with all government regulations as relates to stimulus bonuses.

Resellers can now offer the Aprima upgrade and this was the area to where Allscripts and Aprima had the legal tussle in the advertising efforts, which has now been cleared with Aprima modifying some of their advertising material.

Aprima Rescue PlanTM for customers of Allscripts MyWayTM includes:

  • Free Aprima licenses for each Allscripts MyWayTM license – no need to repurchase software; up to an $8,500 savings per provider
  • Similar look and feel; Aprima has made nearly 1,000 enhancements since it licensed the original source code to Allscripts in 2008, including hundreds of substantive improvements to the Practice Management system
  • Minimal learning curve, since it is only needed for the new features
  • Minimal downtime compared to what is typical when changing systems and having to re-learn many new workflows
  • Existing data remains intact; this is a proven product upgrade, not a conversion
  • U.S.-based support

DALLAS, Nov. 8, 2012 — DALLAS, Nov. 8,  2012 /PRNewswire/ — Aprima Medical Software announced today that it has reached a mutually agreeable settlement in the lawsuit brought on October 19, 2012 by Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, LLC. In that lawsuit, Allscripts alleged that some of Aprima’s advertising copy violated various state and federal laws. The parties reached an amicable resolution and will continue pursuing their respective business goals. Under the settlement terms, Aprima has modified some of the advertising copy associated with its Aprima Rescue Plan™ for those who currently use the Allscripts MyWay™ product, and who may be looking to replace that product in light of Allscripts’ October 3 announcement about its future.