The American Medical Association feels that an outside evaluation could give a better look as an outsider versus the internal processes to see if there are areas that require additional attention, modification and so forth.

Stage 3 of the process is one area of question and as technology imagechanges today, so will the time frames and elements of the 3rd step if history is to repeat itself.  It could be a good idea or it could be futile at this point since Stage 3 is a bit of time away.

If you take into consideration how fast Health IT technology is moving, perhaps as we get closer to Stage 3 might be the time for an evaluation but thinking along these lines can’t hurt a bit with the idea and potential process and if an outside party were used, they would have a project to work on for a while.

Stage 2 is just bringing in patient participation and based on the success in this area it will have impact on how Stage 3 will play out.  Again it never hurts to begin thinking in this direction to be prepared.  The AMA also states that a full evaluation and analysis of Stage 1 should be completed before moving too far in this direction.

Some other medical groups are asking for HHS to delay implementation of stage 3 with Meaningful Use with Stage One and Two not being fully complete and the fact that providers attesting is still work in progress.  The American Academy of Family Physicians is one of the groups and they are probably a good source as they are working close with doctors in many areas of healthcare to include the availability of using Surescripts for secure messaging for $15 a month to share patient information in a secure fashion.

As we make our way through Stage 2 I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more discussion on Stage 3 as complexities with healthcare data continue to grow.