As we had reported back in November this turned into a legal battle that was finally settled between the 2 companies.  Allscripts offered free upgrades for clients to the new system which is considered an “upgrade” where as Aprima came up with their conversion system to make the transition easier for current users.  As you can read one office only had the MyWay system installed for a couple months when they received the notice. 

Allscripts and Aprima Settle Legal Battle Relative to “Allscripts MyWay” EMR Advertising–Two Options for “MyWay” Users to Convert

Aprima also set up a page where current Allscripts MyWay clients could go for additional information and it is still live here.  Below is a screenshot with some general information provided by Aprima.  Below is the full text of the press release from Aprima. The company is located in Texas and is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.


Full Press Release:

DALLAS, Dec. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Aprima Medical Software announced today that its first Aprima Rescue Plan™ customers have successfully upgraded to and ‘gone live’ with the company’s EHR. In only 75 days since Allscripts announced that it has opted not to develop or update the Allscripts MyWay™ product to be in compliance with government incentives and requirements such as Meaningful Use and ICD-10, Aprima has already begun taking ‘rescued’ medical practices live. image

The Aprima Rescue Plan circumvents the need for customers of Allscripts MyWay™ to switch to another Allscripts™ EMR product, which requires a change in systems, plus a potentially arduous data conversion and retraining period, likely creating additional mental, physical, and financial disruption to the practice. These providers are joining the thousands of other providers who have already chosen Aprima over Allscripts™.

One of the first customers to go live, Crystal Community ENT in Florida, had used Allscripts MyWay™ for less than two months when it received notice that the product would not be updated as indicated above. “I did not want to believe what the email notice was telling me – especially the recommendation that we switch to Allscripts Pro, a product we’d already rejected as unsuitable for a small practice. We took a look at some ENT-specific solutions; then we came across Aprima’s offer,” said Kelly Surrency , the practice’s office manager.

She described the upgrade to Aprima’s EHR as quick and non-disruptive, with four hours of training more than enough for someone making the switch from Allscripts MyWay™, and no slow-down after the solution went live. “Everything was so familiar! We didn’t even have to cut back on patient visits for a few days,” Surrency said.

Surrency also noted that, unlike the technical support she previously received for Allscripts MyWay™, there’s no wait time from Aprima for clear, easy-to-understand answers from technical support experts. “The other major difference is that Aprima’s EHR comes with added functionality we’d requested for Allscripts MyWay™.  For example, with Aprima the Eligibility icons are visible and clear. With Allscripts MyWay™, our staff had to spend a good part of the morning working on benefits. Now we can spend our time doing more productive work,” Surrency continued.

Another new Aprima customer confirmed the program is indeed a genuine rescue. “We were nervous about how much work it might be and what could go wrong, but everything went just as Aprima promised – easy,” said the practice’s administrator. The practice was alerted to the Aprima Rescue Plan by a very prominent EHR reseller in the healthcare field, who has requested not to be named.

“This was a very smooth transition for our customer; the upgrade was seamless and staff loved the new system,” stated the reseller. “The added functionality is also extremely helpful to our customers. Aprima does everything I have been asking for in Allscripts MyWay™ and more.”

“We actually could have upgraded these and other practices even faster, but we knew we had a very frustrated and outraged set of new customers coming on board. Before rollout, we performed extensive and repeated testing, and these early successes are exactly what we expected,” said Michael Nissenbaum , Aprima president and CEO.  He continued, “The volume of upgrades ahead of us is huge, and our new customers can be sure we’ll remain just as focused and vigilant in making sure the 100th and 1,000th transition go just as well as the first ones. We appreciate the faith these providers have placed in Aprima and look forward to serving them for many years to come.”

Aprima Rescue Planfor customers of Allscripts MyWay includes:

  • Free Aprima licenses for each Allscripts MyWay license – no need to repurchase software; up to an $8,500 savings per provider
  • Similar look and feel; Aprima has made nearly 1,000 enhancements since it licensed the original source code to Allscripts in 2008, including hundreds of substantive improvements to the PM system
  • Minimal learning curve, since it is only needed for the new features
  • Minimal downtime compared to what is typical when changing systems and having to re-learn many new workflows
  • Existing data remains intact; this is a proven product upgrade, not a conversion
  • U.S.-based support

For more information, or to sign up for the Aprima Rescue Plan for customers of Allscripts MyWay, visit, call 866-960-6890, option 7, or email

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