Epocrates has been around for a long time in healthcare and is most noted for their mobile formulary applications which is what launched their business years ago.  The company was one of the first with this type of application and also provided a look up web service for finding information on almost any drug which is free for doctors and consumers. 

Keeping up to date on formularies and which tiers were given by each insurer began years ago for drugs and today’s acquisition by AthenaHealth will also helpimage with additional recognition of the AthenaHealth brand.

When Epocrates began they were only a mobile application and the software use goes way back when “Palm” devices were the preferred mobile device and we have since moved on.  Epocrates was also a late entrance into the fields of electronic medical records compared to other EMR/EHR companies.

AthenaHealth in the third quarter reported a profit after several quarters of losses.  The company wasimage started in 1997 by current US Chief Technology Office Todd Parks along with co-founder Jonathan Bush.   It grew by acquiring medicalmessaging.net.  Jonathan Bush, the CEO of athenahealth put out this statement this morning which further explains how the two company technologies will work together.

Harvard recently sold a business complex to Athena in Boston for $169 million which is where the company is currently headquartered.

Epocrates in addition to their free “formulary” software also has mobile applications for subscription to include many different types of partners from the Health Sciences area, to anatomy, education and so on.  Adding one of the products to the mobile applications is pretty simple in nature and Epocrates synchronizes and updates either automatically or manually on a schedule.

AthenaHealth will be incorporating the ePocrates apps in both their cloud/web based services and with the Athena mobile medical records program.  This appears to be a win-win for both companies.