The Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT) just announced three new certification programs on its website today, Tuesday July 27, 2010. The new programs will certify electronic health record (EHR) software targeted towards behavioral health, dermatology, and long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC). The LTPAC program includes add-on certifications for EHRs used in skilled nursing and home health facilities.

Dr. Karen Bell, Commission chair, comments: “These certification programs represent the Commission’s ongoing commitment to increase the value of health IT for patients and providers by addressing the needs of individual medical specialties, care settings and patient populations.” Dr. Bell also stated that the new certifications “go beyond the current federal minimum requirements” to meet the long-term needs of healthcare providers in terms of functionality, interoperability, and security.

CCHIT consulted with a wide range of physicians, hospitals, payers, purchaser, and consumers. They also conducted pilot testing with several Health IT developers to help form and refine their certification requirements. Health IT vendors underwent a non-binding certification “pretest” to help CCHIT gauge what EHR features represent the current industry standard.

XLEMR is very excited to have been one of the eight health IT developers who participated in the pilot program. We focus on providing EHR systems that are simple, mobile, and efficient. Our mobile architecture allows LTPAC providers to see patients in facilities that lack internet and cell phone connectivity.

XLEMR has been working with the LTPAC community for many years. We feel it is an under-served, yet growing market. LTPAC will become increasingly important as the baby boomer generation ages. Providers will need more efficient ways to care for their patients. We believe EHR systems are an important tool that will allow providers to see more patients and improve their quality of care. To that end, we are very excited about CCHIT’s LTPAC certification.

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