Today, I was amazed (sic) to learn that Amazing Charts has become CCHIT 2008 Certified.

I have always thought of AC as a great program, but I also thought of it as an entry level program.  Something for a physician who didn’t want to spend too much money – and correspondingly – didn’t really need all the bells and whistles.

I’m not sure who should be congratulated more heartily for this accomplishment.  Should it be Jonathan Bertman, MD for having made a program good enough and robust enough, to be CCHIT Certified – and yet still at a very affordable price, or should it be CCHIT for realizing that a product doesn’t have to cost $20,000 per license to fit into the category of being worthy of being certified.

I’m not sure, but in any instance, I found this to be rather surprising, and yet rather heart warming news.

Congratulations to Amazing Charts for their CCHIT 2008 Certification!