When starting a new scanning project, it is important to thoroughly understand the needs and expectations of the practice. Each new project comes with its own set of challenges and requirements and it is essential to have a complete understanding of these before starting the work. That is why the first thing that many scanning companies, such as OptiScan®, do is set up a meeting to actively discuss the project scope with the practice.


The first part of the evaluation process is to clearly define the overall scope of the job. How many charts/doctors will be a part of the project? Is the scanning company staffing the entire project or will there be assistance from the office staff? How much office space is available for the overall project? Are there any special requirements of the doctor’s EMR system? What is the expected timeframe for project completion?


Using this information, the scanning company will be able to determine the best equipment to use, the number of personnel required and what special challenges this project will bring. EMR software problems and limited workspace are two of the more common challenges that scanning companies face when starting a new job.   


During this meeting it is also important to clearly identify the pages that the practice wants scanned in each of the charts. In some cases, practices will choose not to scan the entire chart. Instead, they will designate specific sections and data that they want scanned from each chart. While this may appear to cut down on costs by choosing to scan a smaller number of pages, it actually shifts the costs from the scanning to the preparation portion of the job. Prepping specific pages and sections requires a detailed review of the charts to ensure that all of the correct pages are being scanned, as well as all of the other tasks that go into properly prepping the charts. This not only increases prep time, but ultimately can increase the overall timeline of the project.


Once the job and expectations have been clearly defined, it is possible to determine the right pricing structure and timeline for the project. It is the goal of OptiScan, like many scanning companies, to provide the practice with the best quality images and service within the agreed upon timeframe and at a fair price.


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