When choosing a Scanning Service, it is important to understand the benefits of choosing a company that can provide on-site scanning services. Many companies, including OptiScan®, have the capabilities to digitize your chart folders without them ever leaving your office!


The first step is to bring specialized scanners and computers directly to your office. These computers contain specialized software programs, such as Optiscan®ChartWorx, that were developed for converting charts to high quality digital images. Through a VPN connection, these computers are linked back to OptiScan, where Quality Control professionals can instantly review the quality of the images as well as verify that the bar-code indexes were read properly. This saves time and money as it eliminates the need to transfer images back and forth between the office and OptiScan. Once the computers and scanners are set-up, the charts are ready to be scanned.


There are numerous benefits to using an on-site Scanning Service. First, they have the experience and equipment to quickly and efficiently scan large volumes of information, providing high quality images that are immediately available for reference. Because the charts never leave your control, they are available for review at all times, ensuring a continuity of business during the transition. As charts are scanned, they are immediately ready to be shredded, which will open up valuable office space and shelving. And, most importantly, it saves time and money. On-site scanning eliminates the time and expenses associated with packing, storing and shipping your charts to off-site locations.  


There are a few drawbacks to on-site Scanning Services to consider when making your decision. The preparation, set-up, equipment and people will temporarily take up office space during the conversion. There is also the potential for a slight disruption of business as charts will be processed during business hours. The final drawback is the upfront cost associated with the service versus the ongoing fees associated with off-site scanning.


In short, the benefits of having the charts readily available at all times and the saved time and money make on-site Scanning Services a valuable option to those looking to transition from paper to electronic charts.


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