ClinicMind Mental Health Software Introduces Patient Scheduling Workflow Automation for Healthcare Organizations and Practice Owners


Practice owners using ClinicMind‘s Scheduling Workflow can now build a continuous patient experience improvement process, including systematic patient relationship monitoring and control

Clearwater, Florida (PRWEB) May 08, 2015

Practice owners using ClinicMind can now build a continuous patient experience improvement process, including systematic patient relationship monitoring and control. Learn about using ClinicMind’s scheduling workflow and follow up here

According to Todd Archbold, LSW, MBA, Chief Development Officer at PrairieCare, ClinicMind system is key to disciplined patient experience management. “The more time we can spend directly interacting with patients, responding to needs, the better that is for everybody. With the shortage of clinicians, we know there’s not enough people trained and ready to do this, so to maximize their time is crucial.”

According to Reuven Lirov, Chief Growth Officer for ClinicMind, efficient patient appointment scheduling and effective follow up are two complementary sides of controlling both the individual patient compliance and a healthy practice functioning through a busy day. As importantly, procedure outcomes and entire patient relationship depend on patient compliance with their appointment schedule. “Following up on no-shows and patients with no future appointments requires trained staff and disciplined processes. An unexpected or overdue follow up not only wastes resources but may provoke an undesired response and miss the window of opportunity to correct a failing situation,” says Lirov. “The person in charge of follow up must see both the big picture of total no-shows and a fine resolution detail about each patient. Compiling such a picture manually is time-consuming and frustrating.”

ClinicMind’s scheduling workbench automates the process of no-show follow up and provides both the big billing picture and the fine resolution picture at the same time. It allows the practice owners and their staff to see precisely the patients that require attention on any given day. The software lets them see a patient’s account and all aspects of their care without leaving this workbench. Learn about using ClinicMind’s scheduling management workbench for payment tracking and follow up here.

About ClinicMind by Affinity Billing, Inc
ClinicMind by Affinity Billing delivers all-inclusive practice management software for mental health facilities, automating tasks and improving efficiency, cashflow predictability, and compliance. In addition to billing, documentation, and patient scheduling features, ClinicMind serves as a cloud-based platform for a wide range of integrated patient experience management applications, including patient education and marketing. This ONC-certified software is supported by a dedicated coaching staff, who help practice owners and managers address every aspect of practice management — so at the end of the day, patients gain exceptional care and ClinicMind clients – peace of mind. Visit for more information.