Fierce Health IT published this article today discussing how the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services wants to help you so they can benefit with better information from EMRs, such a deal.

What they are looking at specifically is better information from medical records to input for Hospital Inpatient Quality Reports, which comes in to play with Stage 2 of Meaningful Use.image  HL7 is the standard to be used for both importing and exporting data.  They want reports in a format that can help with quality assessments.

Below are the questions they are asking both hospitals and vendors to include what their participation level will be with HIE initiatives.  One thought here is will this eventually roll down to where CMS will be requesting information from physicians with reference to quality information with electronic medical records in use in physician offices.  Of course this ends up being less burdensome once it is set up, but that process too takes time.

“In a request for information published Dec. 28 in the Federal Record, CMS says it wants to make quality reporting more efficient and less burdensome for hospitals. The idea: Use certified EHR technology to electronically report certain patient-level data to the Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR) program.

CMS asks hospitals to provide information including:

  • Any plans to adopt EHR technology certified to the 2014 criteria during or before calendar year 2014.
  • Awareness of potential income loss for fiscal 2015 for failure to demonstrate Meaningful Use under the Medicare EHR incentive program.
  • Plans to electronically report clinical quality measure data on venous thromboembolism, stroke and emergency department measures under the fiscal 2014 Medicare EHR incentive program.
  • Plans to report data leveraging state or national health information exchange (HIE) initiatives, or to use a third party to report quality data.
  • Operational challenges to electronically reporting quality data.

Among questions it asks EHR vendors:

  • If and when their EHR technology will be certified to the 2014 Edition criteria.
  • Top three operational challenges for 2013-2015, and any mitigation plans.
  • Any data evaluation or validation methodologies for assessing the accuracy of clinical process of care quality data using QRDA category 1 standards.”