This is a pilot program for Lockheed Martin with the wireless service and initially 42,000 active duty service members will be enrolled.  This means that the EHR capabilities will be available on mobile devices, such as tablets and cell phones.  MONAXOffice will provide the access in a highly secured enterprise setting.

A common access card will be used to connect with the Integrated Health Information System of the Coast Guard. The Guard’s main Operations System Center and three clinics will be the initial participants.  Not too long ago the Coast Guard had announced that they had chosen Epic Medical Records.

Lockheed Martin has won a potential five-year contract from the Coast Guard to install a wireless system for accessing the branch’s electronic medical records, the company announced Wednesday.

The company will install MONAXOffice at the Coast Guard’s main operations system center and three clinics, and provide training as to how to integrate the system in other locations.

Afterward, the Coast Guard will implement MONAXOffice at 43 clinics.