Being tied to a paper chart to provide care and evaluate results is a time consuming process that may breed inefficiency in the long term. Paper-based ordering systems are not only time-intensive but are also known to duplicate the efforts. These loopholes in the system can be corrected by implementing computerized provider order entry (CPOE) systems. A CPOE enables employees in healthcare facilities to electronically write the entire range of orders, maintain medication administration records, and review changes made to an order. As these systems are web based these can used by many personnel at a time and eliminate duplication of entries.

Physicians can breathe easy once a good CPOE has been installed as they are free from the worries of keeping ‘ordering systems in order.’ Generally, these systems have safety alerts that are programmed to trigger whenever staff enters content like a duplicate drug therapy or any other unsafe information. The system may also help physicians to prescribe less expensive alternatives. It is important for a CPOE system to be correctly configured according to the needs of your health facility. An appropriate system is known to enhance efficiency and improve the safety of patients.

An effective CPOE system is not easy to find and you will be surprised by the timeit takes to customize a system for your center. Not all systems can provide the safety and clinical support features you need and a bad quality CPOE can sometimes allow unsafe orders to be entered. Medical errors can have serious consequences and therefore it is dvisable to carefully search for vendors for automating the workflow. The CPOE you choose must be an easy to use solution suite and help your facility perform a number of tasks such as: entering orders, evaluating patient status and documents.

Some thorough research will introduce you to comprehensive CPOE systems that will make a significant impact on healthcare centers. More queries may lead you to service providers who are ready to work with you to design a solution that perfectly matches with your administrative needs. If you are still using a paper-based ordering system, think about switching to a CPOE. A well evaluated deployment will improve patient safety and communication with patients and staff as well as reduce adverse drug events.