According to Mr. Crowley, a sales representative for Crystal Practice Management, this is the most affordable and technologically advanced option for optometrists.  This system is designed to be the forefront in compatibility and interfacing capabilities with common diagnostic tools used by vision specialists.  All the testing that can be done in the office can be automatically streamed to insert all findings directly into the patients chart.

As all of those in optometry know, medical information is only half of their business.  This software is designed to handle all patient charting needs but also the basic needs of any eyewear retail business.  It allows users to track inventory as well as order directly from the software system.  It is also able to effectively communicate with specialty vendors such as lens companies.  The point of sale module allows providers to track sales and incorporate these sales figures into the overall expenditure and profit tracking for their entire practice.

This product has allowed providers to go completely paperless due to it’s infinite connections to reporting tools and software.  This company prides itself on extensively customizable options, allowing you to decide which methods of work flow work best for your company.

As an efficient company that has been providing these services since 2002, Crystal Practice Management is consistently updating their software.  New updates are released on a weekly basis, preventing disruption to their client’s businesses and improving software for their company’s use.  Their customers are thrilled by the easy to use and easy to implement system.

“The easiest software my staff has ever used.  We didn’t even need training.”-Dr. JR Rogers, O.D.

On the horizon, we can look forward to an Online Cloud Version which is currently in the developmental stage.  This software can be used Windows products as well as Mac products with some subtle enhancements.  It is currently being utilized as a standalone system and with client servers.