How many medical record vendors get to spend some time with Dr. Oz.  Practice Fusion did and today the experience will be on the Dr. Oz show.  It was called the 15 Minute Physical. 

This is pretty fascinating in what the technology team had to do with creating an API integration process with Alere’s lab device, get the doctors and coordinate.  Who would not jump at the chance to work with Dr. Oz.  They trained 75 medical students on the system basics and how to document notes and talk about a crash course of medical training, this was it.  By the way perhaps this was a record training window time as it was all done in a half an hour and they had to train Dr. Oz too.

To show what a 15 minute physical found the results were a bit shocking with a large number being over weight, diabetic and many with hypertension.  The good news was that all doctors stated their consultations with the patients were productive and 2 patients had to be rushed off to an emergency room.  You can read more about the event at the Practice Fusion website.

The initial blog post done in May can be read here.  What a great day and way to really give an EHR a work out.  This was the first event and there have been a few other since the first day in Philadelphia where screening patients for health issues within a 24 hour period has helped hundreds of patients get the care and treatment they need along with physician’s advice on adjust certain lifestyle practices.


Our team has been working with The Dr. Oz Show over the past year to support his free 15-Minute Physicals provided to patients around the county. Our partnership will be featured on an upcoming Dr. Oz Show episode on December 13. Tune in on your local station—and read on to learn more about us!

It’s been six months since we first teamed up with The Dr. Oz Show to bring free EMR technology to 15-Minute Physical events across the US. Since then we’ve powered events in Philadelphia, Tampa, Portland, Washington D.C., Pittsburgh and Kansas City. In each location, our team set up EHR technology, trained medical volunteers and helped screen hundreds of people for health issues—all within 24 hours, and entirely for free.

At the end of each event, our clinical researchers used the anonymous data gathered throughout the day using the EHR system to present a Report Card on the city’s health to the mayor. We’ve measured shocking rates of obesity, hypertension and diabetes in some of America’s sickest cities. Our goal is to leave each person with a plan for getting healthier and each city’s mayor with a sense of urgency about the community’s health.

Working alongside Dr. Oz has been an inspiration to our team. His passion for improving health shows clearly when talking with individual patients and calling for major public health change. His advocacy for health technology has helped us to encourage doctors across the US to make the switch from paper to electronic records.