The dollar amount quoted here by Computerworld shows that adoption of medical records has not slowed down.  As a matter of fact 81% of hospitals are registered to demonstrate “Meaningful Use”.  This dollar amount is expected to triple in the next few years. 

Over half of the doctors in the US have signed up for both Medicare and Medicaid Meaningful Use.  To categorize this further with who has received reimbursement, it’s not all just doctors and here’s how it looks, 252,000 medical doctors, 17,000 nurse practitioners, 7,000 dentists, 7,000 podiatrists, 10,000 optometrists, 7,000 podiatrists, 6,000 chiropractors, and 2,000 nurse midwives.  The last category of midwives is interesting and there’s quite a large number of chiropractors demonstrating meaningful use.  In specialty areas as such and to include dentists and podiatrists for example, this is where the proper selection of a medical records system is extremely important to make sure one is chosen that can relate to the type of medicine practices or a particular specialty as all the software available is not the same and this is probably why the number of vendors keeps growing.

Stage two of meaningful use is up and coming in 2014 so there’s a little breathing time to advance from step one, but there’s work involved during this time frame as step two will include more interactions with patients and their data to attest.  We will keep you updated as the ONC makes additional information available.

Just looking at the dollar amounts of the incentives already paid out, this certainly states that the government plan is effective and working.  If you need help in your pursuit of a medical records program, let us give you a hand.  In addition if you need to add speech recognition be sure to look at our sister site, Speech and connect with a VAR specialist who can get you started with not only Dragon Medical but they have expertise in the hardware, microphones, etc. that can ensure you have everything you need to work with your medical records system.

“Computerworld – The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has dispensed more than $7.7B in reimbursement payments to more than 307,000 healthcare professionals and 4,000 hospitals deploying electronic health records (EHRs).

The total cost for the EHR incentive program is expected to hit $22.5 billion over the next decade, according to the latest estimate provided by the Office of Management and Budget.”