The American Medical Association recently wrote about a report about how to make medical records better, useful and easier to work with.  The consensus of the report was there is no public place to where information and user references can be found in one location.  The idea of a centralized data base has been pondered as a partial solution.  With enabling such a site, users would be able to offer their own experiences, the good and the bad with how electronic medical record systems are working for them.

“The paper, published in September, is intended to foster discussion of a recommendation the IOM made in an earlier report that examined ways EHRs can be improved. The institute recommended that the Dept. of Health and Human Services’ Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology work with public and private sectors to make comparative EHR user experiences publicly available.”

In addition, the AMA makes mention of an ONC project, which is work in progress called the “SMART” platform, whereby physicians would be able to download applications that are designed to extract portions of electronic medical records for research and other items at hand, perhaps to further define areas that a normally included in a registry.  A study on diabetes relative to a specific patient demographic group would be one potential idea.

Without feedback developers miss an important part of the process as the system is designed and designated for use by doctors and other clinical personnel, so without this missing link the progression could slow to a crawl.

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