No one likes receiving their monthly electric bill.  As a result, many medical practices are finding alternative products to help them reduce energy consumption.  A simple solution would be to use a Software as a Service (SaaS) application.  These applications have been illustrating that they are Green Friendly.

The SaaS solutions are not located within your office on a client server, but on a server in a remote location where your information is provided to you via the internet.  Being that your data is hosted elsewhere, you are reducing the amount of energy consumed within your office because there is no need for an on-premise client server.  Therefore, you will not need to pay for the maintenance and support nor the additional amount of energy a client server uses on a daily basis.

Many EHR companies understand this concept and offer their solution as a SaaS.  Speak with the EHR vendors to determine if using the SaaS application will be best for your practice.