As a medical provider searching for an Electronic Health Record, you will come across several overwhelming elements that comprise a system.  One element that I believe is of extreme importance is the EHR Vendor’s Support.

Some vendors have the support built into their pricing model.  This usually is a standard support setting that will include live customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Then, there are other vendors that may have a very standard support structure, however, to receive added features from their support, you must pay additional fees.  In these cases there will usually be two different levels of support.  If this is the case then make sure to ask the vendor about the differences between support levels.

Majority of the EHR companies discuss on their websites that they offer outstanding support, however, do not state if it is including within the pricing or an additional fee.  Make sure to point this out to the vendors or review it in the RFP before purchasing.  Support can cost you a couple thousand extra dollars per year if you do not specifically review an EHR’s support features.