At HIMSS10 in Atlanta, Eric Fishman, MD interviewed Brett Furst, Vice President of Healthcare for Covisint. Mr. Furst discussed Covisint’s web-based ‘cloud computing’ services. Covisint provides one uniform platform as a service to merge different applications within the ‘cloud’ to enhance interoperability and messaging of information pertinent to healthcare. Mr. Furst explained how Covisint’s ‘app cloud’ can help physicians assess lab data, disease registries, radiology/imaging, and other personal health information data. In addition, Covisint’s platform is also useful to health system administrators, with capabilities to capture data for revenue cycle management, as one example.  Dr. Fishman and Mr. Furst also talked about Covisint’s recent partnerships with the AMA and AT&T. With these partnerships, Covisint’s platform as a service will assist both the AMA and AT&T promote Health IT and their individual products/services.

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