So you have decided to implement an electronic medical record system in your healthcare center- what should be your next move?

The market is flooded with vendors that are competing to tap this lucrative market segment and it is easy to get confused with so many choices. Some vendors focus only on niche products while others cater to a larger audience. One size doesn’t fit all and healthcare providers must be careful while selecting an electronic medical records company that addresses their unique requirement.

Have a checklist of your requirements and right questions  readily available for the vendor.  This will help you select the best vendor and increases the chances of return of investment-

Size of your practice- Doctors with larger practices may consider going for on-site software combined with information technology support. An off-site arrangement works best for those having smaller practices with limited staff and space constraints.

Features in an EMR package – Buyers must ask about the restrictions related to total number of users, as some solution providers cap the number of users. Try to search for electronic medical records companies that offer site licenses with no restrictions on the number of users.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions about all of the features included and excluded in the package. Some practices may require certain applications including appointment scheduling, billing and patient education software. Some vendors may be offering these features with the entire package while other may ask you to choose a select few.   A vendor may sell you something you don’t need which will significantly increase the price of the EMR package.

Technical support- Healthcare practices cannot run an EMR system without technical support and the buyers must ask if it is provided by the solution providers. In contrast to some solutions that offer free technical support, many EMR  have to pay a fee for support.

Price of an EMR system- EMR packages are available in a wide range and prices to suit various budgets. Basic packages are available for $3,000 and more advanced packages can cost over $100,000. EMRs may appear to be very expensive but it is possible to find an affordable solution.  Try to select a product where you will use every aspect of the EMR.  This will make your medical practice very efficient and contribute to the bottom line.