We are all probably aware of the new Ipad mini that was announced this week so comparable in size there’s also an EHR that works on a Kindle, so it appears pretty soon that medical record systems are on their way of being totally device agnostic.  Drchrono is the vendor who offers the system on a Kindle.  How long before we see EHRs on Ipad minis?  The vendor offers a free version of their software.

The software is “meaningful use” certified ONC-ATCB.  With the 4 levels of modules offered, if you want labs  from Quest and other features it will cost you a monthly subscription of $400 a month, so again to meet all the provisions and to attest I don’t believe the “free”version is going to get you there.

What is fascinating is the use on a Kindle device as I have not seen this before.  The Kindle Fire does not give as much real estate for adding notes as do larger devices but it seems to get the job done.  The video below gives you an idea as to how it works.  I don’t know about you but the older I get, the size of the screen starts making a difference, in other words a light portable devices with a screen that I can still see.