This is a pretty bold statement but the ER doctors said that’s the rule, give us tablets.  Specifically most wanted an IPad but they left it open with using the word “tablet”. 

The doctors also spoke highly of the fact that it was be easier to disinfect an Ipad and they just did not want to be tied down to a desk top computer.  In addition, they also said this carrying a tablet would make them look more tech savvy.  They want a good first impression with their patients.  Over 85% of the doctors already have an IPad at home, so there’s no problem with training on how to use the device.  Mobility counts today with clinicians.

How badly did Fairview Health Services emergency-room physicians want to use iPads on the job? Several told the health provider’s IT team that they wouldn’t use a new electronic medical-records (EMR) system unless it was accessible via the tablet computers, according to a paper presented last month at an American Medical Informatics Association event.

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