I’m pretty new to the whole HITECH industry.  I’ve only recently really started learning the details of it all.  This is why this article I linked to from Twitter this morning caught my eye.  I’m always looking for explanations in layman’s terms.  The article I read explains EMRs in very simple terms.  I know most EHR Scope readers know all the ins and outs of EMRs; however, I thought I’d post the link for the few like me, and for those looking for a good reference when trying to explain the software to someone who may not be as well versed on the topic.

I’ve also posted the link to an article by Electronic Medical Records Software | Medical Billing that makes mention of the fact that EMRs and EHRs are two different things.  The previously mentioned article by Medcomsoft, also makes a point to say that EMRs and EHRs are different things and should not be confused.   Unfortunately, neither article goes into clear detail about the difference.  Therefore, I thought I’d flex my new HITECH muscles and share my understanding of the differences.

The 2 articles:

Differences between and EMR and an EHR:

EMR – software that medical practices use for everything from scheduling appointments, documenting patient interactions, storing patient information, billing, writing prescriptions, workflow management, etc.

EHR – remember going to the front desk of your doctor’s office and seeing rows and rows of manila folders labeled with multicolored letters?  An EHR is the electronic version of those patient records.  EMRs create separate EHRs for each patient.  An EHR includes information such as vitals, medications, conditions, symptoms etc.

Thanks for taking a trip back to the basics with me.