We certainly have come a long way since the early days of electronic medical records.  When you reflect back to the early days you might remember when e-prescribing and charting were two different types of technology offerings and of course today almost nobody operates an medical record system without e-prescribing being an included module. 

Cerner is in the news today with joining efforts with Eldorado, a company owned by an HP subsidiary MphasiS.  Eldorado has developed integrated applications to add value in the CRM and provider network management.  ICD10 architecture is also included and most medical software solutions today, due to the complexity of various data platforms are choosing more often than not to outsource.

Medical banking transactions are also part of the program and this functionality is to be used for consumer driven financial account updates to work with plan administrators and pharmacy benefit managers so one way of eliminating the “card” consumers carry for eligibility checks and so forth.  The whole idea is to save money with transaction fees.  The electronic medical record is becoming the gateway today for not only patient care but also with payer and patient management solutions.