We’ve already discussed one free personal health record (PHR) vendor, Microsoft®, however, there are other PHR vendors out there. 

Another company that everyone knows, Google, also has a service enabling individuals to sign up for their free PHR.     

Google has a ‘Health Tour’ to provide individuals with a better understanding of how Google’s PHR works.  You are able to track your medical history, learn about your conditions, import and share your medical records and learn about medication interactions.

What I found interesting when learning about Google Health is that they state that their PHR works differently.  Google wrote, “Google Health is a PHR, but it is also a bit of a different model. We believe it’s not enough to offer a place where you can store, manage, and share your health information. You need to act on your health information to better manage your health needs on a daily basis. This is why we provide a directory of online health services to you. You must elect to sign up with a service and decide what level of personal data you want to share in exchange for the customized services those companies offer.”