The ScanShell® 800DX duplex scanner and the SnapShell® OCR ID reader has now been integrated into Greenway Medical’s PrimeSUITE electronic medical records.  Many practices may already be scanning and making copies of items such as driver’s licenses or insurance cards, but by having the capability integrated into the medical records software, you no longer need to open another software program to do so. 

Card Scanning Solutions has collaborated with Greenway to provide a seamless integration that uses high speed OCR recognition to capture both sides of a document imageand connects with a standard USB connection.  Greenway Medical records has a Marketplace where customers can shop to add software and hardware to their electronic medical records system.  Having the information scanned and read is a big time saver and images can also be extracted so it could be used as a picture of the patient in the medical records files.

Greenway is also a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and is built on .NET technologies.  In addition the company provides integration services should you wish to change systems in your office.  Greenway also works with Dragon Medical and here’s a listing of the EMRs listed at Nuance which we provided from EHRScope.  A full press release can be read here with the announcement from Card Scanning Solutions.

“As a certified partner of the Greenway Marketplace, which was developed to foster collaboration imageand to assist Greenway customers in evaluating and implementing certified, integrated products that add value to the state-of-the-art PrimeSUITE solution, CSSN’s scanning devices offer the functionality of automated information collection from a wide variety of identification cards.
With CSSN’s comprehensive
OCR Software Developers Kit (SDK), the advanced reading technology of the scanners was incorporated directly into Greenway’s software application.

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