For the past few months all we’ve been hearing about are electronic health records (EHRs).  This is the essential solution for your practice to enhance workflow, reduce medical errors, increase patient time, etc.  Yes, it is a completely overwhelming and long process to begin.  However, it is of extreme importance to analyze your workflow and review your current hardware condition before implementing an EHR solution. 

If you do not analyze your current hardware situation, you may end up spending more than you anticipated.  In many cases, this IS the reason why people say that an EHR is expensive.  You end up purchasing a solution that contains your software along with all of your new hardware.

When speaking with EHR vendors, ask them if they are partnered with a hardware company or if they offer a bundled solution.  Do your research and discuss with your practice what type of hardware you are interested in purchasing.   Are you looking to have Table PCs within your office? All hardware products should be listed/considered when you determine your practice’s budget.