Going digital is perhaps the best way to save time, money and improve the efficiency of your healthcare center. A paperless office is easy on the environment and delivers great results (in the shape of improved patient care and better communication with staff). But in order to benefit from a digitalized environment, you must select the best electronic medical record (EMR) available in the market.

Compliance with HIPAA regulations

Healthcare providers can either search the market to select the best EMR or approach a broker to help them with the process. Either way, you must know what should be included in the software package so your center can receive the best results. First of all, the solution you choose must be fully compliant with HIPAA regulations. One of the factors that ensure you have the best EMR software is that it shows 100%  compliance with HIPAA’s privacy and security rules related to patient charts.

Ease of use

Another angle you must focus on is the ease of use of the EMR software. Healthcare facilities can waste a lot of precious time if they are not able to use the software or they are confused about the way it operates. The best EMR software vendors offer buyers to use the solution for a pre-decided trial period. This period helps the administrative staff get accustomed to the software and evaluate its real benefits. A trial period helps you make an informed decision and you can always return the EMR if the solution doesn’t meet your requirements.

Flexibility and Customization

The best EMR is also flexible and can be scaled according to the growth of the health facilities. This is very important for growing practices that may need more advanced applications in the months following deployment.  The software demonstrated by the EMR vendor may not include certain critical features for your center or may include unnecessary applications. It is wise to ask if the vendor can customize the software per your needs so you get the best deal.