Electronic health record systems can be designed for any specialty in medicine.  Software manufacturers are aware of the highly specific infrastructures of a hospital department or field of medicine that requires unique features, templates and platforms.  Plastic surgery is no different, in that specific features are required that are unique to this field of medicine.

The workflow in plastic surgery is highly detailed, as specific procedures follow very specific protocol.  This protocol can be set up in the software system to keep workflow operating at the most efficient level.  Plastic surgeons and field personnel can rely with wholehearted trust in the program that has been set up the right way.

Unique Features of Plastic Surgery Specific EMR and EHR Software

Electronic health record and electronic medical record software can be created specific to the needs of a plastic surgery department of a hospital or stand-alone clinic.  Some of the key features specific to plastic surgery that professionals in the industry find helpful include the following:

•    Billing and insurance system requirements and set up for specific surgeries associated with certain treatments.
•    Customized templates that can be set up for injections, implants, cosmetic treatments, or laser procedures.
•    Differentiations between treatments associated with plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and spa treatments.
•    Inventory control management of specific products associated with the plastic surgery industry.  This may include spa packages or treatment items.
•    Photography services that allow before and after comparisons to be shot.
•    Tracking systems for plastic surgery marketing, patient records updating, business letters, scheduling, financial reporting, and billing.

While these are just some of the options available to the plastic surgery industry, personalized features are also available through many EHR manufacturers.  Software can be designed specifically to suit the needs of the office.  This may be found useful in facilities that perform highly specific procedures such as fat transfers, jaw and cheek implants, or brow lifts.

There are a number of templates that can be added on to an already customized electronic health record software system.  In the event that the office expands its already existing services, add-ons may be included without the need to purchase the system again.

Some of the most common templates offered through EMR and EHR software include breast implant removal, facial implants, arm lift, and facial plastic surgery.  The spectrum is wide when it comes to selecting templates that are useful for the plastic surgery industry, so it is best to look at the needs of the office before purchasing.

The workflow of any medical facility is better enhanced through the implementation of EHR software.  Physicians in the plastic surgery field report that through the implementation of such software they are able to streamline procedures, maximize time, increase efficiency and increase revenue.  Time and money are saved through the streamlined process of EHR software.

The industry is constantly changing and the needs of plastic surgery workflow must be adaptable.  With this in mind, manufacturers of EHR software are continuing to produce new templates, features and options for the plastic surgery field of medicine.