Ingenix is back in the news with recent CCHIT certification under ONC-ATCB meaningful use guidelines.  As more companies are certified and the EMR/ EHR market begins to settle; larger players like Ingenix stand with an advantage.  Over the next several months, we will be blogging about specific characteristics that make the most- recent versions of each record system competitive.  With this in mind, we thought we would take a more in-depth look at what Ingenix’s EMR software, CareTracker, offers its subscribers.

CareTracker is a web-based, fully integrated EMR/PM application.  This versatile EMR is used in practices of all sizes.  It is heavily promoted as a comprehensive and fully integrated solution.  CareTracker takes the patient from check-in, all the way through future appointments; comprising the duration of an individual’s care.  The intuitive design of the program’s interface allows for detailed information access, in both administrative and patient record-keeping purposes.  It is this integration of scheduling, revenue cycle management, e-prescribing and patient data that allows Ingenix CareTracker (and similar EMR systems) to truly revolutionize the way a practice is managed. 

The scheduling and sign-in/out features are as simple as selecting a timeslot with your cursor.   To edit patient status, select any number of options in the easy-to-use dropdown menu.  Furthermore, the options provided in the menu include patient flagging for unpaid billing as well as missed appointments and tests.  The user friendly nature of the scheduling instrumentation and other EMR systems like it, create a streamlined functionality; reducing errors and thereby costs.

Next in the CareTracker application suite are the charting features.  Used by a medical assistant to update current patient data, the data fields contain current vitals, medications, allergies and progress notes.  Once the chart is in a Doctor’s hands, it can be edited to their preference and drilled into further for more detail.  Some examples of this feature are the test results, insurance information, and even graphical analysis of various elements of a patient’s history; all just one click from the chart page.  In addition, note taking is customizable by using speech input applications. 

Once the patient appointment is completed, and the data are submitted to CareTracker EHR, future visits and revenue management are easily managed through alerts and HIPAA (data transmission security standards) compliant electronic forms submission. 

So who uses Ingenix?  Recently, some studies had been posted on Ingenix’s website.  One study was regarding a cost savings at over $1 million dollars, through the course of five years, by one Argus Medical Management (or simply Argus).  Another success story, Women’s Care of Rhode Island, received a significant savings to accompany their bonuses from a BCBS EHR adoption incentive program.  Some new studies are in the pipeline and we will probably make mention of them here as they, and the respective companies regarded, are released.  Also, smaller, even single physician practices have reported proportionate cost savings.

With so many EHRs to choose from, it will be interesting to watch the industry progress.  Visit to find out more info on CareTracker EMR.

About Ingenix

Ingenix, a UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) company, transforms organizations and improves health care through information and technology. Organizations rely on its innovative products, services and consulting to improve the delivery and operations of their business. More information about Ingenix can be obtained at  Ingenix has recently acquired Elysium EHR maker and HIT solutions company Axolotl.