Practice Fusion is a company born in 2005 with the goal of creating technological solutions for every aspect of the health care industry. Improving efficiency in quality care is not just an industry standard but is a common courtesy extended to each patient that enters a medical office. To meet the evolutionary changes of medicine, Practice Fusion’s research division has begun perfecting a web-based program that increases connectivity in e-health measures.

Clinical research and health analyses are crucial aspects of monitoring the health of any given society. Since March 20, researchers have been able to compile large amounts of anonymous medical data and statistics to prepare for the next wave of individualized health care services. Accordingly, the more scientists understand health trends, the more opportunities are created to enhance overall health and wellbeing of each individual within a given population.

Practice Fusion is a program that can analyze the prevalence of diseases, drug reactions, and other health issues that influence the health of nations across the globe. This technology is deeply rooted in e-health practices, which have the power to optimize quality care provided by physicians everywhere. Additionally, this website can be accessed from any computer or phone connected to a cloud of medical information.

This technology is sweeping through the healthcare industry at blazing speeds as 150,000 physicians are already connected to this powerful database. Practice Fusion technology has already been utilized to monitor trends in the H1N1 virus and its vaccine. Furthermore, this technology reaches its full potential when it assists physicians in monitoring the outbreak of disease to create the most effective course of action for eradication.

According to Practice Fusion Medical Director Dr. Robert Rowley, “big data holds the key to understanding health care today and improving it in the future.” This electronic medical records company has influenced the field of e-health to accommodate physicians, support staff, and patients, which greatly increases the opportunities for individualized care. Through accurate analysis, scientists can direct their focus to key health issues that plague the nation to increase health and immunity among everyone in society.

The Practice Fusion research team anticipates awe-inspiring results that can influence the flow of healthcare practices throughout the world. As stated by Dr. Rowley, “Putting this knowledge in the hands of doctors will save lives and enable patients to make informed decisions about their health.” Furthermore, analysts are able to use the de-identified medical data to predict the course of a disease to gain control of the outbreak.

The information stored and protected by Practice Fusion is stored both within academic institutions as well as in primary care medical practices so that every healthcare worker has access to pertinent medical data. This database of information can be viewed with e-health devices, smart phones, and more that are used by doctors inside and outside the office. Practice Fusion technology combines all the advancements in the electronic medical record community, which empowers the potential to expand the level of care in each medical institution.