IBM is a company that specializes in technological research and advancement with research facilities located internationally. Through the development of innovate IT solutions, this company has made remarkable contributions to the healthcare industry in countries around the world. Medical software created by IBM provides a smart, safe, and cost-efficient way to help doctors diagnose their patients to enhance the quality of healthcare services while also eliminating costs, risks, and misdiagnosis. This record breaking invention assists doctors to meet the increasing demand to provide quick, efficient, and quality care to each patient. This technology combines forces with evidence-based medicine and healthcare IT technology that has already revolutionized the healthcare industry.

IBM has collaborated with Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, a world-renown research institute based in Italy, to develop an analytical biomedical platform that provides insight into the process of treating each individual patient. This technology allows doctors to provide individual, accurate, and quality care to each patient they see. Additionally, this development greatly influences choosing the right treatment plan while reducing the risks associated with misdiagnosis. This biomedical platform provides a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan for each patient based on certain characteristics of the patient, trends in pathology, and even pertinent vital statistics. This invention is based on the concepts of electronic medical records, cloud computing, and medical device integration technologies that allow doctors to access a wide range of medical data pertaining to the individual patient.

This healthcare analytics program called Clinical Genomics (Cli-G) can analyze and integrate vast amounts of medical information to pertinent patient data to produce evidence of a diagnosis and accurate treatment plan. This technology can compare the patient profile with clinical guidelines and medical data from past cases to make the best possible match. According to Haim Nelken, senior manager of integration technologies at IBM Research in Haifa, Israel, “Our clinical genomics solution may enable care-givers to personalize treatment and increase its chances of success.” Since most doctors generally work in a very fast-paced environment, this software proves to be valuable to doctors, patients, and even healthcare organizations as a whole. Additionally, the Institute’s technology allows transmission of medical data from the research center to the clinical care facility.

This medical platform gives doctors the ability to observe the outcome and make changes where needed, thus creating quality patient care that is a current trend in the healthcare industry. Information obtained from a wide range of healthcare IT solutions are combined into one user-friendly program that has the ability to cut down on wait times for each patient a doctor sees. Furthermore, this unique clinical genomics solution can provide detailed analysis of patients with critical health concerns, such as AIDS, diabetes, and heart disease. IBM researchers are working hard to connect the healthcare industry to high quality technology that can change the health of the world forever. The next generation of analytical biomedical platforms for clinicians begins with the use of IBM’s healthcare analytics program that improves the outcomes for many different types of diseases that people suffer from around the world.