Healthcare IT News reports that RelayHealth will be purchasing the Florida based company and once again we are talking here about accessing patient information.

The goal is to optimized the patient experience, which basically means presenting more information as far as reimbursement is concerned and eligibility information.  In addition it imagewas noted that “charitable” information was going to be added, so in other words it appears that if queries determine a patient could be eligible for free or donated care or drugs, this may also appear to guide the patient.

AHI Software, Inc. provides the Patient Access Department with the necessary tools to improve quality, facilitate data exchange and enhance revenue cycle performance. Our solutions bring together a full suite of functionality, with proven integration, easy self-service imagecustomization and a superior user experience, all resulting in improved revenue cycle management. Our integrated solutions empower hospital revenue cycle teams to outperform industry standards.”

I”n other RelayHealth News, the company is working with InteliChart for Health system data exchanges.  It appears this looks to also make additional information available to patients and doctors with getting lab information and establishes a patient identification system. 

Through this community exchange process, the overall value of the HIE is increased. RelayHealth’s clients will utilize the related interfaces, including:

— Results for laboratory, radiology and transcription;

— Orders for laboratory and radiology;

— Patient identification (ADT);

— Longitudinal patient record (CCD); and

— Patient engagement (SSI).

“The agreement between RelayHealth and InteliChart is an important stepimage in completing the last mile of connectivity,” said Gary Hamilton, InteliChart president. “Unfortunately, many organizations are forced to settle for the exchange of documents which makes it difficult to perform analytics. The interoperability suite of interfaces provides usable information for physicians, hospitals and their patients.”

“Decreasing the number of healthcare connections will exponentially increase connected health. The InteliChart solution is based on this notion and allows us to facilitate connectivity and information exchange for doctors, hospitals and patients through a single connection. This means that a provider practice can connect to their reference labs, hospitals, diagnostic centers, and patients by establishing one connection to InteliChart. Hospitals can connect to their patients and a community of ambulatory practices through a single connection to InteliChart. Patients will have access to all their aggregated healthcare information through a single patient portal.”

In short, McKesson RelayHealth is adding additional value with data input sources that have not existed within their system or exist presently without the extensive additional information being provided.