Last week the exchange for the sharing of electronic medical records went into action in Massachusetts and the governor was right there to lend his support and have his medical record information sent.  The system is called “Hi-way” for HEALTH INFORMATION.

This is what we have all been talking about for a numbers of years and here we have a great example on how this all works.  The event was covered last week via teleconferencing, another great emerging technology in healthcare.  Watch the video below on how this took place and the confirmation from Baystate Medical that they had in fact received the governor’s records.

Statewide health information exchange underway

With phase two of “meaningful use” coming forward, the actual electronic exchange of clinical information is playing an important role.  You can read more about phase two at the Health and Human Services Blog, “HealthITBuzz” and where Dr. Farzad Mostashari, the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology talks on where Stage Two is going.  Nationwide Health Information exchanges rely on the use of standards based information.