Congressman Brian Higgins spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives this week about the importance of electronic medical records and cites how during the Sandy hurricane that patient care kept going during the natural disaster.

We all probably read the many stories that came out with citizens getting their prescriptions for one in the areas that were hard hit, and with having all of this documented, physicians were able to get the drugs to the patients in need.  Below is the video which is also shown at the Congressman’s website.  A natural disaster can strike at any time and having documentation stored has proven itself many times over, even with going back to Katrina.

The text of Higgins’ remarks is below:

“Mr. Speaker, There are many lessons to be learned in the wake of the hurricane that devastated parts of New York and New Jersey. One of which, is the importance of electronic medical records and health information technology.

While many hospitals and medical centers were devastated by the storm, hospitals that employed electronic medical records were able to ensure that vital health information was maintained and not lost. Not only that, but electronic medical records enabled continuity of care as patients were transferred between hospitals.

Mr. Speaker, this is just one example of how electronic health records can improve quality of patient care, integrate health systems, and ultimately reduce unnecessary costs.

My Western New York community was an early adopter of electronic medical records and has since been recognized nationally as a leader in health information technology. I urge the House to encourage the widespread adoption of health information technology and to assist in its expansion across the country.”