You can use the internet to compare features and rates on anything from Health Insurance to new cars. Now doctors are finding online tools that can help them with their EHR implementation decisions.

One of the first such comprehensive, unbiased, and accurate tools can be accessed right here from this blog page –  The website,, has analyzed the software of over 200 EHR vendors to create a “matching program” for physicians.  Physicians have a choice to fill-out a short or long version questionnaire. Once completed, a proprietary computer algorithm matches the physician’s profile  to each EHR manufacturer’s profile. Then, qualified  industry experts analyze these results and narrow the selection down to 3-5 EHR applications that offer the best solution in terms of the physicians’ needs, price point, and specialty.

The Texas Medical Association today launched a similar online EHR matching tool for area physicians. With the money in The Stimulus, and the recent bout with the Swine Flu, the Texas Medical Association realizes there is a new push for EHRs in their state. Yet the organization also realizes that its membership has many questions regarding EHR implementation.

The State medical association recently conducted a survey of practitioners’ use of EHRs. Based on the results of that survey the online tool compares the 10 most popular EHRs in use in the state.

In addition to comparing software, the tool helps doctors estimate how much the products will cost. The association said that the tool will help physicians learn what questions they should be asking before buying EHRs. The tool will be updated periodically to reflect changes in physicians’ top 10 EHR choices in the state.

Much like, which compares 200 vendors and is available to doctors practicing nationwide, the Texas Medical Association’s tool does not endorse any particular solution, but rather is designed to help doctors find the EMR that best  fits the needs of their practice and budget.