Fletcher-Flora Health Care Systems, Inc. released their FFlex eLink™ laboratory instrument integration software for small to mid-sized laboratories, including Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) waived laboratories.

In absence of a traditional Laboratory Information System (LIS), FFlex eLink is software designed to provide much needed connectivity directly between a laboratory’s clinical instruments and an Electronic Medical Records, Practice Management System, Electronic Health Records or other host system. FFlex eLink streamlines integration of one or more instruments to a host reducing the need for manual transcription of results. This will help increase lab efficiency, improve accuracy in the patient’s electronic record, and reduce liability associated with transcription errors.

 FFlex eLink not only accepts and transmits data, but also provides a user interface that allows you to define tests and reference ranges, approve or reject results and monitor real-time instrument logs. If offline results from manual tests need to be entered, FFlex eLink provides an intuitive way to manually enter results.

 FFlex eLinkis a simple and cost effective integration solution for an underserved segment of the laboratory market,” said Neal Flora, President and CEO of Fletcher-Flora Health Care Systems, Inc. “While a full LIS may be too large an investment for many labs, FFlex eLink can help streamline operation in the lab and optimize your IT investment by integrating otherwise separate pieces of your operation.”

More information can be found at www.fletcher-flora.com or email  FFlexeLinkSales@fletcher-flora.com.