Government Health IT reports December 2012 was one of the biggest months for incentives with current estimates and this is due to hospitals leading the pack being there were more hospitals collecting incentives than any other month according to CMS.  Year to date numbers for incentives comes in to over $10 billion.  CMS is still working to finalize the exact numbers.

10,000 physicians who qualified via Medicare were paid $175 million, while over 4000 doctors qualified imagevia Medicaid collected around $80 million in December.  These are certainly good signs that the incentive program works.  84 percent of the hospitals in the US are registered and of course the big numbers add up when they have attested for meaningful use.

Physicians who began in 2012 and 2011 will have the opportunity to collect the full amount of incentives available while those who begin this year will still be able to collect their bonuses but not as much as the early adopters.  The year is getting off to a good start as in one day over 2000 attested for meaningful use and that was on January 2nd, the first day of the new year when attestation could take place.

Stage 2 and 3 of Meaningful use will offer valuable information as now stage image2 is where many are headed.  Stage one launches the rocket and with the next two increments, real space travel begins.  If you have not started with a medical records system yet, contact us if you are physician needed assistance as we offer our free consulting services to cut down the chase and locate system that are a match for your needs.

Medicare and Medicaid electronic health record payments are estimated to have blasted through $10.3 billion to a total of 180,200 physicians and hospitals through December since the program’s inception.

December’s payments of $1.25 billion were driven by the largest amount of hospital payments for an individual month, according to Robert Anthony, a specialist in CMS’ Office of eHealth Standards and Services.

Since the program’s inception through December, CMS has paid 106,000 Medicare physicians, 70,000 Medicaid physicians and 4,200 hospitals, according to CMS figures.

The number of eligible providers registered for the EHR incentive program was 84 percent of hospitals, 43.9 percent of Medicare physicians, and 19.9 percent of Medicaid professionals signed up as of November.