“Hold on please, my personal health record is calling…” We could see this coming:  AllOne Health(SM) and Connectyx Technologies Holdings Group, Inc. has partnered to allow consumers to simply and securely view and manage health information on the Web, via portable USB storage devices and through their mobile phones. A package including both companies’ products will be sold in retail stores across the U.S. in December.

AllOne Mobile(SM), a cell phone application developed by AllOne Health and secured by Diversinet Corp, will be distributed with MedFlash(TM), a product offered by Connectyx. MedFlash stores personal health information on a portable flash drive and in an online personal health record. The MedFlash web site allows users to maintain and update their information and upload it to the flash drive. Now, the combined products will allow customers’ health information to be viewed, managed, and shared with medical practitioners using their cell phones.

Specifically, AllOne Mobile technology enables users to:

  • Forward a child’s health information to a school nurse
  • Share prescriptions with a first responder in an emergency situation
  • Access your or a family member’s medical history at the emergency room
  • Send family health records to a new specialist before the visit
  • Confirm insurance coverage for an emergency when traveling
  • View past and current prescription and pharmacy information
  • Send an image of a insurance card to doctors
  • Review immunization records
  • List people to contact in an emergency
  • Receive alerts on upcoming health appointments or unfilled prescriptions
  • Obtain personalized tips on managing chronic conditions
  • Have all their vital, updated health information on hand — 24/7

This agreement marks the first time AllOne Mobile will be available for purchase in retail establishments including pharmacies and grocery stores such as Harris Teeter, Kroger and Walgreens. Online retailers such as Drugstore.com also will sell the package. Each program is currently available separately on the company’s respective websites: AllOne Mobile is available to consumers on Microsoft HealthVault, and directly from the AllOne Mobile consumer site https://dtc.allonemobile.com; and the MedFlash program is available in stores through relationships with Associated Pharmacies Incorporated, through charitable organizations, travel organizations, physicians’ practices, insurance companies and employers, and other distributers http://www.medflash.com.

This technology holds great power, but only if physician practices and hospitals have the capability to utilize electronic PHR data. In the long-term, this technology will only be beneficial to consumers/patients if the physicians’ adopt EHR technology that can sync with patients’ electronic- and now mobile- PHRs. To maximize capabilities and benefits to medical practitioners and patients, emerging health technologies must communicate together.