There are several different EHR evaluation and/or certifications such as CCHIT and KLAS.  However, many physicians believe that there may be an opportunity for another entry in the field.  Physicians want to speak with other practices and hear what they have to say.  And as well all know, Word of Mouth (WOM) is the greatest and most successful form of marketing. 

As a result, a fellow physician, Hayward Zwerling, MD, FACP, FACE founded Physician Certified EMRs – a website where you are able to review EMR solutions and read testimonials about practices currently using EHR systems.  

As a practicing physician, Dr. Zwerling stated,

“Currently, there is no website which allows physicians to query other physicians who have “real world” experience with a particular EMR. I also wanted to provide a venue where small EMR vendors can get their message out to the wider medical community. Hopefully, the Physician Certified EMRs web site will assist physicians in selecting an affordable EMR which enhances their ability to provide quality medical care and run an efficient medical practice.”

I believe that this could be a great service to physicians when fully implemented.  We speak with physicians on a daily basis and they constantly ask us to provide them with a physician using a specific EMR.  That way the prospective physician is able to reach out to current EMR users and learn about the benefits as well as the pitfalls of the EMR from a physician user, as opposed to an EMR salesperson.

There are no costs associated with Physician Certified EMR, either to the physicians or to the EHR vendors.  Any EMR vendor can create an account and provide company information in addition to physician testimonials as long as they provide physician contact information. 

Once I found this out, I then asked Dr. Zwerling if this service is available to companies that do not sell an EMR solution.  He stated it is available to ANY company that sells a product that is related to the EMR Industry.   The only requirement to be considered ‘certified’ appears to be having 10 or more actual users comment favorably on the software.

Now, physicians have the ability to interact directly with physicians using specific EMR software, prior to purchasing it.   As the service is brand new, not unexpectedly there are not many vendors signed up yet.  However, we expect that to change in the near future.

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