Concerned about the quality of the charts that you need scanned? There are a number of ways to enhance the quality of scanned charts, providing a chart that is easier to read and readily printable. A professional scanning company focused on quality, such as OptiScan®, will use these methods to generate the best possible scans from your documents

Images can be improved in a number of ways. Simple changes such as thickening existing characters using sophisticated processing utilities are easy ways to optimize the image storage size and make the document more readable. More complicated techniques such as multi-streaming, where both the black and grayscale images are produced at scan time will ensure the client gets the best possible image. During the quality control process the quality control professional can review both images and insert the one the one that provides the clearest images. Although the black and white scan is usually sufficient and captures all readable information, there are times when the grayscale image is necessary to capture very light print.

Scanning, along with image processing, provides many more advantages than simply having digital files available. It also provides an opportunity to improve the readability and usability of the documents. The experience of a professional scanning company, such as OptiScan, can help you get the most from your files.

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