Rheumatologists may lag behind other specialties when it comes to progressive use of imaging, according to an article on Rheumatology News. However, there are some signs of progress. Abhijit Chaudhari, Ph.D., won this year’s “Image of the Year” contest at the American College of Rheumatology’s annual scientific meeting.

Dr. Chaudhari won the contest for his innovative use of combined PET-CT images of finger joints from patients afflicted with psoriatic arthritis. His group built a special piece of hardware that is able to scan extremities and produce three-dimensional positron emission tomography (PET) fused with a 3D anatomical CT image. His practice uses the machine to assess metabolic activity in RA, PsA, and OA of the hand.

How has your practice integrated digital imaging into your care plan? A few of the offices we speak with have in-house digital x-rays, MRI, or ultrasound machines. Others, however, prefer to refer their patients to the local hospital for imaging studies.

There are many advantages to performing image studies in-house. First and foremost, the image machines act as a revenue center for your practice. Second, electronic health records (EHR) allows many possibilities for direct integration with digital images. Integration can save you time in diagnosing your patient and producing the requisite documentation.

We would love to hear how your practice uses digital imaging. Please let us know if you have questions concerning digital imaging and EHR integration. Please visit our website for more information.

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Ryan Ricks
Security Officer