Tablet PCs represents one of the latest and the best technology in the field of EMRs and these have been successful in keeping up their promise of providing a perfect electronic solution for maintaining the patient charts.  There are two main types of PC tablets: convertible style and slate style.

One major difference between both of these PC tablets is that the convertible style PC tablet comes with a built in keyboard, which is not there is slate style. The only form of user interface in the case of slate style PC tablet is the digitizer pen or the stylus. If at all there is a need of the keyboard then it has to be connected to some docking station with an external keyboard.

The convertible style has all the capabilities such as mobility, speech and hand writing recognition. But this type of PC tablet is quite heavy and thick as it has the added weight of the keyboard, which is around 1 to 2 pounds more than the other one. Although it is a matter of personal choice, slate style is considered to be any day better than the convertible style.

Connecting the tablet PC to the network

Almost all the PC tablets have built in wireless card, which helps in connecting to the network wirelessly. You must get connected to the wireless network for enabling your tablet PC to receive as well send the data to the EMR software. For this purpose, a high quality wireless access point will be required.

CPU requirement for your tablet PC and its battery life

It is commonly seen that the tablet PCs come mainly with two types of CPUs and they are

Intel Centrino

Intel Celeron

Among the two listed, Celeron is a bit cheaper, but then it also lacks few of the important features such as the speed, performance, stability and wireless card. The chips included in the Centrino processor are usually high in quality. It has to be noted that wireless is the main aspect of any tablet and therefore, it should be made sure that the system has high end built-in wireless system. Although many of the tablet PC manufacturers claim their product has a very high battery life, but the fact is that on an average, the battery life would normally range between 2 – 6 hours, depending on the specific model.

Tablet PCs are a great source of help to the physicians as they help them to get a good amount of information using these breakthrough products. This in turn helps in treating the patients better as the physicians will be able to easily access all the previous records of the patient, medication database, and quickly send lab requests. In short, tablet PCs are proving to be magic tools for all the physicians round the globe.