When it comes to revolutionizing the healthcare industry, the government has initiated many programs to optimize performance in all aspects of quality and efficiency of care. The e-health movement has been gaining speed for many years but some speculate it is approaching its height. Federal legislations governing the way that healthcare services are administered are changing the way pertinent information is accessed. With technological advances and the integration of global medical networks, opportunities are endless for both patients and providers. To meet the continuing demands that are placed on healthcare workers, the federal government has created a virtual portal to access centralized pertinent information for each patient.

The healthcare organization is currently undergoing deep infrastructure changes that can improve the quality of care served to each patient. As of March 23, 2010, the Affordable Care Act changed many aspects of the healthcare industry, ranging from internal communications to increasing the global exchange of medical information. The legislation was implemented to optimize the healthcare industry one-step at a time in the course of four years. As 2014 approaches, both patients and providers will find it easier to access records to help ensure privacy and accuracy of all EMR’s. Under the ACA, consumers will have access to different insurance plans at an affordable cost while being able to view their own information through a virtual portal.

The healthcare reform has changed the efficiency of communication between healthcare providers, insurance networks, and government programs. There are many unique benefits associated with the use of electronic health records and virtual databases. One of the largest online insurance companies, Ehealth Incorporated is helping a federal website connect patients from all over the nation. The goal is helping consumers shop online for affordable and effective coverage while expanding to cover more individuals with pre-existing medical conditions. This technology also helps healthcare professionals and patients alike maintain health records that ensure accuracy of information to avoid risks and errors.

The federal government spent approximately $19.3 million to create a website offering consumers many resources all in one spot. Consumers can now access relative information on government programs, such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Children’s Health Insurance Programs so that everyone in the family is covered. Additionally, this website also contains contact information for local Doctors and hospitals to help assist a growing nation. This network has the power to connect the dots with all the new regulations that govern this industry. As more and more Doctors are able to synchronize themselves with patients and other healthcare providers much quicker, the opportunities for quality care are endless.

Recent studies indicate that e-health measures have optimized the function of this industry in providing healthcare services to an expanding population. With the introduction of pertinent accountable care organizations that utilize the power of mobile health and other innovations, the healthcare industry can now grow to meet its potential. The more consumers understand about their medical and financial condition, the healthier they can become. Furthermore, healthcare practitioners can organize all vital information to dramatically lower the costs and wait times that have been historically associated with medical services across the nation. The federal e-health website has been one of the many technological innovations sweeking across the nation, improving health one step at a time.