Any experienced and well-seasoned physician knows the importance of the equally experienced nurse.  It is often said in the medical industry that experienced nurses hold the practice together.  Nurses showcase how patients should be treated, cared for and respected.  A seasoned nurse is invaluable to a doctor and the medical practice.

Of equal importance to that of the medical facility, is the critical role experienced nurses play in the adoption of an electronic health records system or EHR.  From choosing the appropriate EHR system to getting through the first day of using the software, the role of the experienced nurse is crucial.

Paying Attention to Office Needs

A physician can often lose sight of the office needs when busy treating patients and researching treatment.  An insightful physician relies on his or her nursing staff to relay pertinent information that can be overlooked.  When it comes to the implementation of an electronic health records system, a unique perspective can be received from the nursing staff.  After all, it is the nurse’s perspective that the physician should rely on because they understand the preference, magnitudes and needs of the office.

According to a large research group conducted at a hospital in southwest Florida, nearly 80% of all nurses had a favorable attitude toward EHRs.  In fact, it was the experienced nurses who had nearly 100% favor toward the system, while less experienced nurses did not always opt for the implementation.   The more experienced the nurse, the more insight they were able to provide on the needs of the facility and how the EHR system could improve efficiency and the integrity of the office or department.

Experienced nursing staff knows their facility and how the operations could be made more efficient.  They understand the problem areas and have given thought as to how the facility could run smoother.  Relying on the insight of an experienced nurse is wise through the implementation process, from start to finish.

Critical Points of Perspective from Experienced Nurses

An experienced nursing perspective is critical in choosing and implementing an EHR system.  Nurses in the industry for twenty or thirty years bring something to the table that most people in healthcare do not.  Most have lived through the paper system only to appreciate the electronic deployment that focuses on key issues discovered only through experience.

Security is one of the key areas experienced nurses are in tune with.  HIPAA plans are always being developed and an experienced nurse can provide insightful information on how work areas should and can be further protected.  Experienced nurses know the impact caused by a beach in security and as a result may provide a different perspective when choosing the right EHR system.

An experienced nurse will examine many of the details that a physician may overlook.  It is the day-to-day efficiency that should be detailed when choosing the right electronic software system.  Relying on your experienced nursing staff can save hundreds of hours of time and a bundle of money in the long run, should the wrong system be selected.