This may or may not sound astounding but it is true and the only portion we can’t really predict is the amount of time it will take for more practices and hospitals to join the ranks.  There are really just too many reasons not to and with the stimulus money given for exhibiting meaningful use you can get the government to help you out with the cost, or in some areas it might be paid for totally and there may be some change left.

Medical records come in all sizes and shapes and the type of practice you have makes a difference on what is best suited to be your choice.  Practice Fusion is an EMR that is free but the catch is that it is ad supported.  I think it is the only system like that in existence.  There is an option to pay a modest subscription fee and remove the advertising, so the choice is there.

The video below talks about how the physician had paid a lot of money for another system with a vendor who went out of business on the day the system was installed, and this time he tried Practice Fusion.  With his prior system with the company going out of business he was out $70,000.00, a very large investment for any records system.

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