In the past few years, the quickly growing global health market has been spurred in part by the international health crisis along with the need to expedite communication between healthcare professionals. Many contributions have been made to the e-health movement with reputable health and insurance companies leading the way. Because of the gradual increase in e-health and mobile health technologies, more people are covered by quality medical services in larger parts of the world. As a result, the global health market has gradually increased as the development stages of mobile health continue.

According to a statistical analysis produced by Global Data, a global research firm indicates that the global health market is due to grow from $500 million to a steady $8 billion in coming years. The growth of the healthcare industry has been spurred by the need for the growing population of people to receive quality and accurate care. As doctors are becoming more focused on efficient non-invasive surgeries and techniques, researchers and healthcare professionals are using e-health resources to expedite clinical studies as well as research. This in turn creates a more in depth and concise diagnosis and treatment for each patient that visits any medical facility. Additionally, patients and physicians alike can share the added rewards and benefits associated with switching to a digital approach to healthcare.

This year has brought many different technological innovations to the world of e-health, ensuring the health and vitality of more people within society. From affordable insurance to making the cost of healthcare cheaper for patients and medical facilities, the e-health movement is leaving a positive influence all over the world. Many key healthcare companies have been recognized by MedSeek, the only healthcare enterprise that focuses on patient engagement and management solutions in the medical industry. These companies received awards for excellence at the e-Health Client Congress in Washington, DC this year. As stated by MedSeek CEO Peter Kuhn, “MEDSEEK is committed to strategic patient and physician engagement and the digital transformation of health care.”

Awards were determined by their contributions to the use of EMR technologies advancing e-patient integration, employee engagement and training techniques, and digital marketing technology to assist the growth of the industry in today’s market. The more healthcare facilities participate, the lower health insurance costs become while each medical facility and healthcare IT companies can truly flourish financially. The use of EMR technologies has enabled remote monitoring to improve quality of healthcare services rendered across the globe. Technology has produced a stable means of communication for doctors internationally causing research based knowledge to grow exponentially. Not only can the improvement of the global health market create positive influences in the world economy, but it can also increase the health and life expectancy of people everywhere.