Mobile health has swept through the country with great success in recent years. The technological advances introduced to the healthcare industry have changed the way lives are saved around the world. In fact, the global impact of e-health procedures and mobile devices has created unlimited opportunities for patients and physicians to seek assistance in ways that was not possible before. The birth of mobile health devices and apps has changed the way people communicate pertinent information, especially in situations requiring medical assistance or disaster relief. The new geo-location disaster response app produced by Adhere 2 Care allows the accurate tracking of injury victims, which has gained the attention of the military.

In a report published by MedCity News, the geo-location disaster response app can locate individuals even when they are out of range of cell phone connectivity. This app is powered by a belt with built-in sensors that can help to identify and locate an individual during an emergency of any sort. What captured the attention of the military was the fact that this company is also working in conjunction with a Virginia based company Oceus, that is developing technology to produce portable cellular access to help the individual stay on the grid. This app was almost completely developed with certain situations in mind, like soldiers who are in active duty that engage in physical combat. This technology has empowered the strength of the military due to its ability to track individuals for personal and national safety, as well as solace for the soldier’s family.

The disaster response app has the ability to emit feedback that is recorded and monitored through portable cellular access points. Oceus is a company that has created the technology to connect up to one thousand individuals within a forty-mile radius. The military began testing this electronic healthcare technology in the summer of 2011 with great success. When this technology is combined with other technological advances, such as the Transportation Regulating and Command and Control Evacuation System (TRAC2ES), professionals can actively monitor wounded or sick soldiers in combat. Recent advances in e-health measures can assist soldiers while reducing stress and trauma experienced by close friends and family that are concerned about the location of the individual.

Ultimately, the military hopes to utilize the disaster response app to enhance the safety of each individual they deploy. For a world that has been influenced by past traumas from war and other instances, this app has the potential to be viewed as a godsend by many. Additionally, the influence this app has on the global health crisis is phenomenal in that it optimizes communication between healthcare professionals, the government, and even family members affected by the actions of the soldier. Over time, this app has been growing at lightning fast speeds to create the technology needed to barcode individuals that are found on the battlefield. The most efficient aspect of the disaster response app is that information picked up by biosensors are directly sent to a web based portal so that all interested parties can view the activity of their loved one to bring solace to their minds when their family is in combat.