The EHR field has been growing for years. Since internet access has continued to grow internationally, EHRs have been more viable than ever before. For those still unsure about the usability of EHRs, or electronic health records, here are a few examples of the benefits that can be expected once the switch is made in your clinic.

Future Technology in Using EHRs

According to, more health companies are using plans that enable new types of software to track a doctor’s success and failure rates. This tracking technology will have severe consequences on health insurance costs, and making EHRs essential.

In the future, a closer record will be kept on patients and doctors alike. By utilizing EHRs now, the future will come to you easier. Planning makes all the difference when future success is concerned.

Using EHRs to Impress Insurance Companies

One of the primary items health insurance companies look at while critiquing a certain doctor’s ability is their handwriting. Often times a doctor’s handwriting is hard to read at best. This can be a huge sign for insurance companies of what to expect from the doctor in question.

By using EHRs, insurance companies can see every document clearly and without mistake or question. This alone will impress the insurance company applied to. Clear documentation will always be the shortest way to any insurance company’s heart. Have that and you will have one point toward getting great coverage from the company of your choice.

Saving Money by Using EHRs

There are several ways that EHRs can help save and make money. EHRs reduce the costs of filling out and storing information over a long-term basis. The savings in man-hours alone can be a huge benefit. In some cases, computers with password protection can fill in records and send them directly to the systems internal memory.

Some doctors have such a huge savings in productivity that new patients were added, increasing the practices profits. It also saves money by saving mistakes. Medical mistakes because of poor paperwork handling are drastically cut when using EHRs. There can be little or no transcription work when EHRs are involved, that saves mistakes and bad transcriptions.

Communication is Improved

Patient and doctor communication is improved though electronic communication. For instance, when a prescription needs to be filled, the patient contacts the nurse, the nurse sends an urgent e-mail to the doctor, and he or she can sign off the prescription or deny it wherever he or she may be.

Phone messages can be transferred the same way. It is possible for doctors to get every phone call they receive. There are no missed messages when using an EHR. Doctors can see the message sent to them by e-mail and reply to their nurse instantly.

These benefits are the proof that the usability of EHRs is real and effective in the working world. By making the switch, you will get these benefits and more. You definitely will not be disappointed by what you receive in return when discovering the usability of the EHRs.